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    Biotech bubble's too good to be true

    IT could be time to cash in on the run in biotechnology stocks, according to broker Tolhurst Noall, which yesterday warned investors the sector was in danger of collapse and was being driven more by sentiment than investment fundamentals... ...
    " The chosen stocks are anit fat drug Metabolic, Chemeq, Agenix, and anti cancer researcher Peplin Biotech Benitec, Epitan, Meditech Research. Scigen Prima Technolgogies Axon Instruments and Medical Monitors, e health business pro Medicus and Vital Capital.
    These stocks tend to run a bit ahead of themselves said ABN Amro biotech analysts Scott Power. "But there are are a number of companies which do offer some reasonable upside" He nominated VENTRACOR, METABLOIC, Peplin Biotech and Medica Holdings as the picks of the sector
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