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    Todays ann looks encouraging - Market seems to like it

    The Adatepe-1 well has completed testing and has flowed at a stabilized
    rate of 13.5 million cubic feet (382,300m3) per day through a 5/8 inch
    choke at a flowing pressure of 1,320 psia, from 18.5 metres of
    perforations in the lower sandstone unit only. The perforations are
    between 1,173 metres and 1,206 metres
    A series of flow tests were run through a separator at different choke sizes and two pressure build-up surveys were conducted. No formation water was produced during the tests. The gas has a condensate content about the same as the Gocerler gas (7-8 barrels/million cubic feet).
    This is a very pleasing new field gas discovery, with high gas deliverability reservoir characteristics
    - an excellent result for the company.
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