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Today market prediction

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    Just a few points to note for today trading.

    1. The Dow has the 2nd biggest ever jump in history.

    2. The Dow volume traded in the last few days are ones of the heavier. The last times this sort of trading volume happened were back in October 1987 and September 2001. The market rebounced very strongly in those 2 events. Is this the capituation analysts been looking for or just another dead cat bounce.

    3. Today is options expiry day and based on what happened yesterday, we will either see a lit putting on the market and limit the up runs or short cover buying and see our market recover most of the losses yesterday. Either way it's going to be a wild ride.

    4. Our market have not been playing following the leader with the Dow for a long time. So, don't be surprise if we just end the day with up about 15 points.

    5. There are economics figures coming out in the US tonight. Most expected the figures to shows weakness but somehow I think the investors will be focusing the big jump last night.

    6. The US Houses & Senate have agree on the Corporate Reform Bill to deal with corporate criminal which helps boost the Dow last night.

    7. The US bonds market is factoring a rate cut from the Feds.

    Although I am long CBA and BHP and today I hope it will put a halt on my losses, but I am certainly not feeling overly confidence on the bull side.

    We're certainly at the cross road, all the markets are at their low so do we buy in and accumulate from here or sell out and hoping to buy them cheaper later on ?

    Good luck and be careful of the options expiry manipulation at the end of the day.

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