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tocom short positions slashed

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    The seven 'once large' gold shorts cut their short by over 60%!! in one session. These guys are cutting in a hurry

    Good Evening All:
    During the October 24th sessions the seven once large gold shorts again slashed their net short position by 6,066 contracts to 3,680 contracts. This is yet another new low since I began recording this data in February 2006. The same can also be said for the total and net open interest figures for all TOCOM gold members combined.

    STDJ also cut their gold net short position again by 1,854 contracts to 3,577 contracts.

    In silver they reduced their net long position by 83 contracts to 281.50 contracts (60kg deliverable equivalent).

    Best wishes,

    In the October 24 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs COVERED 14 short contracts and BOUGHT 79 long contracts which brings their long position to 2,705 contracts and makes them now NET LONG 374 contracts. This is the second largest net long position they have held in 30 months. It is clear which side of the gold market to be on!

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