To whom it may concern....

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    This not about ERG.
    It is about the nature of forums.
    I first visted Hotcopper by accident. I had invested in MIM and thru surfing for copper info I found this site.
    In those days(early 90's) you were lucky to get 15 posts a day. A totally different format then. I didn't bother registering but I followed the posts and grew to respect certain posters over time.
    I visted a number of forums and watched the egos at play. A number reached the courts. I thought it was a bit of a joke, but it is no joke.
    It is a different ballgame now. There are many that frequent sites such as this that have formed groups under many different nicks or handles. They speak a different language.They use codes. They work together.
    I understand that many of them hold positions of wealth and important positions such as Supreme Court Judges, Institutional buyers, Brokers, CEO's etc etc.
    They all play the market without an emotional bias.They manipulate and therefor change their positions at the drop of a hat.They ramp and down ramp. They are convincing.
    Those that have made a packet from numerous stocks on the upside have made just as much on the downside. I don't have a problem with that. That is the nature of the game.
    The problem I have is that these manipulators have a far greater presence than they had before.
    I dismissed this side of Bull Boards for a long time as it was outside my control and I really had no idea about who they were or what they were doing.
    But I have a far better idea now.
    That is why it is so important to do your own research and not get sucked in by the many posters that work effectively and convincingly on this and other forums.
    Some may think that what I am saying is aimed at The Informer. The Informer may be a group or an individual.
    I think I know who he is. But I wouldn't put my life on it.
    Fact is there are many Informers.
    If you do your own research you will understand who is genuine and who is a manipulator.
    These people have made a comfortable living by misinformation. They will offer the most convincing analyisis over a period of time. Yet the same will be on a different forum preaching the exact opposite.
    I have seen an incredible amount of deceit over the past 10 years so just be careful. Do not take anyone at face value.

    Do your own research. You will soon recognise who is genuine and who is a liar.

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