To whom it may concern...

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    The people who like to think of themselve as learned and smart (who are infact only smart in hindsight) are at it again.

    Those on HC who were calling for much lower levels on HC when the All Ords was above 3,300, and the Dow above 10,000 were ridiculed by the same individuals who are now saying that "everyone" knew the Dow was overvalued above 10,000, and that it would fall below 8,000. Really??

    All i can say to these individuals is that you're pathetic.

    You're also a bunch of fools.

    You deserve to lose your money... and you will. Of that i have no doubt!

    I sometimes wonder why i bother posting on HC.

    In posting what i'm really doing is providing market insight that is not available from any other source in Australia- paid or otherwise.

    ... and the people who may benifit from my analysis are unknown.

    I would most likely enjoy the majority of you if i were to meet you, but perhaps there is a small minority out there who are benifiting from my posts that do not deserve to gain.

    Perhaps there are a few of you who deserve a really good boot up the back side.
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