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    I said:
    Now now children ... Getting back to the original post, I think it's inevitable that Israel is getting pro-active in fighting terrorism. Terrorists have been going into other countries and assassinating their "opponents" for years. Now it's payback

    You said:
    I'm sure you're trying to say something, roto, but it's just defying my mental capacity at the moment: It's inevitable the Israelis would... what? payback? because their "opponets" have been hit by the terrorists? Give me an hour or two and see if I can conquer this curious conundrum

    Hi Whisk,

    My post was a bit generalised ... after I reread it, I was a little confused too! The "opponents" I was referring to were the terrorists own "opponents" they themselves have been assassinating thru history eg Israeli athletes in Munich 72, Raid at Entebbe in Uganda (Israeli airline hijack), Israeli Hotel in Kenya last year, US interests in Kenya (Embassy), Lebanon (Marine barracks), Yemen (USS Cole AND the French Tanker), 911, Bali etc etc. Not striking Israel's "opponents" as my original post seemed to have suggested.

    Since terrorists are so willing to strike Israeli (and allied) interests around the globe, I believe Israel will give "payback" to terrorists by surprising (and killing) them wherever they maybe hiding on the globe. Seems ironic a terrorist leader maybe hiding in perceived security in a sovereign nation, only to be unexpectedly killed by an Israeli hit squad - terrorising the terrorists huh? Hope this clarifies for you ... ;-)
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