to were-make money or be right????

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    yes the history lessson is familiar to most of us.SO WHAT!!!!!!DID YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY AND WHY NOT!!!!! I HAVE! most traders are not watching the REALITY -the market- but are into their (FUNDAMENTALLY)),perhaps,only perhaps,being right!!!the question is ----do you want to make money or do you want to be right??? I HAVE ,IN THE PAST , BEEN RIGHT ,MANY MANY TIMES WHILE A STOCK HAS sprinted PAST ME .WHAT WAS I LEFT WITH????OH GREAT ,I AM RIGHT.THE POINT IS if ,and i know that many traders in my experience DO NOT , IF STOP SELLS ARE USED religiously,then u have the freedom to GO WITH THE MARKET.YOU AND I ARE nothing IN THE FLOW AND POWER OF THE MARKET. I HAVE SPENT TOO LONG IGNORING THIS FACT.NOW I MAKE AGOOD LIVING BY LIVING WITH REALITY. SIMPLE PRICE /VOLUME BREAKOUTS---BUT DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE STOCK
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