You don't understand that the physiological difference you are...

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    You don't understand that the physiological difference you are trying to make to justify your position is a furphy, let alone having a basic understanding of the correct terminology. Vaccines and the diseases they cover produce EXACTLY the same immunological results. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. Produce one document to support your position. You can look at any number of immunology books and online material (quality research with real data) for support of my position.

    "Here's one I prepared earlier...."

    "Vaccination is when a vaccine is administered to you (usually by injection). Immunisation is what happens in your body after you have the vaccination. The vaccine stimulates your immune system so that it can recognise the disease and protect you from future infection (i.e. you become immune to the infection)."

    You are talking "you know what" again. Nothing changes for the uneducated and ignorant. You CLEARLY should not be commenting on things you CLEARLY have no knowledge of.
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