Uneducated. You are very late to the party. The study you are...

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    You are very late to the party.

    The study you are alluding to was giving animals daily doses for extended times, of aluminium equal to 2000 times the dose in total across all vaccines for life. Then guess what? There was an adverse reaction..... More sane and appropriate doses given intermittently in vaccines have never been attributed to any adverse reactions other than mild redness "local reaction". Adjuvants are used to LOWER the amout of antigenetic material used AND to extend the life of the vaccine in situ giving the immune system a better response to the vaccine.

    Aluminium has been discussed here a few times. The example I gave in my last post was the ridiculousness of the "studies" put forward by the antivaxxer crowd. Water can be lethal at 2000 times the normal daily requirement, let alone 2000 times every drop you will ever drink, given every single day for a month. I would suggest you would be dead in less than 1 hour (ca 80 litres of water in the first HOUR alone based on the lower "daily requirement").

    Paracelsus: "The dose makes the poison"
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