to the zionist villains on this forum.

  1. 173 Posts.
    Had a little break and wonder what is going on.

    Seems you still are working hard on public opinion, lol.

    What is the casuality ratio on this forum lately? any further exterminations ?

    As for Irak...

    What happened to the plan A ?

    A cake walk developing into mud crawl ?

    Any WMD found, terrorists (heard some throwing granades in Kuwait, oops, US/UK/Oz looking in a wrong place) ?

    Anyway, this is just a begining and of course Irak is just an easy pick.

    Turks and Iranians already have something to say.

    There is no doubt who will win this war in Irak (of course) but the main question remains ...

    HOW the PEACE will be implemented, and that's when you will come into play (if not earler abruptly)

    then true colors will start shining

    All the best to Zionist villains


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