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    Hi folks, I recently called David Zukerman and had a very breif chat about his appointment on the TGS board and the company at large and here are some pointers that I gleaned.

    - geological consultants should complete their aasesment of TGS's prospects next wee.
    - a full report inclusing a recommended work programme will be released in conjunction with the assesment of the projects.
    - the tenements that TGS are assesing are called Merilup, Merilup NE, Conical Rock and Jitarning South.
    - David Zukerman is also pushing to introduce new prospects to the portfolio.

    David Zukerman sounds like a very friendly switched on guy. I am not aware of TGS current tenements or what type of mineralisation is present, perhaps someone else does ?. However, judging by today's trading action it must not be all that bad if it were indeed insiders picking up stock.

    There you have it, look into this stock as it only has 31 million shares on issue and has plenty of upside potential. Do your own DD!

    I hold.
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