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To the person who asked me momentum verses value?

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    I just forget who asked me---someone did last Saturday night---that I come accross as momentum---in circumstances that are particular to me---over the last 18 months Ive wanted momentum---my circumstances have changed now though (for the better) and I actually still like momentum----but for safety I like value investing.
    ie ---wouldn't say no to a quick trade on Coles from 7.50 to 8.00------but I would not hold (unless I avergaed out) for 12 months.
    Coles as a dividend yield play---buy at 6.00 (on my understanding of fundamentals as they exist now--which can alter)---tuck in draw for 12 months--trade as well to improve return average if you like--the point being though---through choice I'm more of a value person than a growth person---recognise however the merits in both.
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