CNN 6.25% 15.0¢ cardia bioplastics limited

To Sugarbowl or Bomberdier re cnn, page-3

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    LOL Rockfish,

    Thats the best laugh Iv,e had for ages.

    One big unit going across the Fly River HAHAHA, can you just imagine it ??, first little downpour (by PNG standards} would see the lot of it in the ocean somewhere, Arrrggghhhh !!!, but never mind, Eco whoever with their 20 grand could build this great big dam to generate all this electricity needed, unreal !!, and preside over it all from their brand new hut, I see CNN,s plant at Visey,s couldn,t manage to clean up a bit of ink off a few cardboard boxes, ah well, they might end up with a perpetual motion machine, there will be so many extra bits needed to make the first bit work, hehehehe.
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