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To Sugarbowl or Bomberdier re cnn

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    You two have stated that you hold positions in cnn.I`m thinking of buying some next week.As they don`t seem to have a website I was wondering if you could share some of your research with me?
    Has there been a scientific paper published of there waterpower system, explaining how it works?
    From reading there asx releases it seems to work by some sort of machinery driven by a motor and electricity?Are they expensive to produce?What is the difference in price of a 100 litre unit compared to say a 1000 litre unit?
    Are they expensive to run? I am a little concerned that they have completed two small trials using the 100 litre units and they have not been able to secure an order.Could they possibly be to expensive to use?
    there are many processes I believe that can clean water.Over 50 I think, but all are to expensive to be viable.
    If cnn where to get the work on remediation of Fly river,would they just build one big unit to go accross the whole river, or ,would they have 1000`s of little units spread out along the river?Do they have electricity all along the river?I know this is a long post but just a couple more questions.
    Did this company ecoremedatation pay cnn one third of it`s shares because they could not write there own report? Did cnn give this company 20000 dollars to rent an office because they didn`t have one?Dose this concern you?
    Has the company in Hong kong ever done any work in water remediation?
    On one of the other arms of cnn,have they progressed past the animal trails in the type 2 diabetes trails? How many more years to the completion of the human trails?I noticed in the funding reort the other day that they are only going to fund up to animal trails. Also on the natural insect killer.Is it like BPO`s product?
    Have they began marketing it or do they have to find a partner? Could someone keep this thread going incase they are out tonight.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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