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    Hi Snooks,

    I really do seek your input on this. I'm not taking the mickey, in fact I agree with much of your stated position on Israel vs the rest. I certainly respect your knowledge level.

    The question - My uncle was one of the Rats of Trobruk. Prior to/after that he fought through much of the middle east. I recall seeing in the 1950's many of the souveniers he brought back from Palestine ... repeat Palestine! ... the Holy Land. They were labelled/titled/named as such, yet he came back in 1945.

    Over the last 10 years or so I've read that Palestine (as an entity) doesn't exist and per se never has existed. So it certainly did not exsist when my uncle was in it.

    My uncle was a simple man. Because he was, I believe him.

    So, please, your understanding of the land of Palestine.

    Does it exist?

    Do Palestinians exist?

    Do they have some sort of claim to some sort of land?

    If so, where is it?

    Why do they have a claim (if they do)?

    If they do, why can't they have it?

    What am I missing - from your point of view?

    I'll appreciate your reply.



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