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    Well well well, looks like you have been talking to Alpha, not doing any research on the net(loser), as he is the only one who knows what I do, and I thought that would be kept confidential as it really is no-one elses businesses, but there you go I guess.

    I was a professional triathlete for 6 years, 2 x Qld junior sprint champion, and up until 6 months ago racing for Australia and Great Britain shortly after.

    Im pretty fit and would not cop a desk job if you gave one to me, so I was offered a very good entry into real estate, and to this day have made just over $29,000 in a rookie - not bad I feel.

    Why am I going OK, because I get out there and do the hard yards that the older farts are too fat and smoke too much dont do. They are TOO BUSY to get out of their chairs at work - believe me, I see it everyday.

    So Pillman, if I am that dedicated to real estate and in the past triathlons, do you think I take second chances in the stock market and dont research companies - if so you are completely mistaken.

    I hold SLT and as I have said hold, for me, a big position in the options, and am very excited with what the coming months holds.


    Sell if you think this is B#llshit, Buy if you think this is fact, But good luck to all that do hold.

    Pillman for god sake sell your last piddly lot of shares.......Why did you buy in the first place??????

    Kenny - 26yrs of age

    Oh and by the way, I love surfing and snowboarding also Pillman, does that make me a ramper........You have just made a fool of yourself for even bringing that statement up this morning. Who cares what job we have or sport we play. Its the research you do that makes you in this game. Im going pretty hard at it now, so That I can retire by the age of 30, trade a few shares and SURF all day......

    Good life, Good times, Good health - bring it on

    Anyone agree!!!!
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