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to phuket and other downrampers

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    phuket, most of the things you say are pretty worthless, i mean, having an opinion is one thing, but it really needs some sorta research to back it up. i don't know what your beef is with cnp, (i've lost money on them too by the way!) but no one really knows yet what the actual outcome is gonna be, which is in a way the whole beauty of this gamble. the stakes are high, but so may be the rewards. personally i reckon we're all been taken for a ride by media and hedgies and the sp will start climbing after the 28th feb when the story changes and everyone realises that the company is actually making enough money to remain a business and we'll all look back and say 'of course, thats why the banks didn't call in the loans! they're still making money'.
    PS. i know i am guilty of doing the same as you Phuket, that is, not having any research to back up an opinion, but what the hell, its really been giving me the shits the way people are shitting this stock without really knowing why they're doing it.
    PSS i think i might buy back in this morning...
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