To pay or not to pay for Hotcopper??

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    Some time ago I spoke to Pat he was talking about a subscription fee ??

    Would we pay at the moment,I think not ??

    Comments please

    But I think he might have to spend some of his dollar’s on his site to improve the overall quality of the post's ,up to this point in time we as members make up the entire content and I think this is as good as it will get unless.

    In my mind Hotcopper needs a few market savvy mentors who would take on a identity to set and maintain a standard while posting at the same time ,could be a retired banker ,stockbroker , professor or corporate director ,
    We also need a Hotcopper headmaster who would also take on an identity and his job would be to chastise umembers , and pull us into line or in some cases in the sin bin for a period of time,

    This would maintain a certain standard and eliminate the unnecessary abuse and belittling ,

    We need daily charts on hot stocks of the day updated daily as things progress ,
    An option or warrant trader to suggest different strategies

    I feel this would improve membership numbers and justify a subscription fee ,

    I do remember in business you had to spend a dollar to make a dollar ,

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