to olive the good oil, i think! and george the goo

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    Olive, I can't hold it any longer! I've got to make this admission all who can hear it (note the verb!)!
    I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY! (But I also love george, so don't get too carried away. The contrast?
    As for you, I haven't seen a tougher, more lethal feather duster in my life! You swing the thing like it's a lnce in the hands of a crusader and kill people till they arise! What terrific study you must have done of Shakespeare, using oxymorons with such wonderful artistry! How can anyone resist a mind like that?

    As for george... I love him because he's very much like me (Sorry George!) and Zorba: undoes his belt and looks for trouble! He's not going to waste good pearls on the common sludge slurping swine! No feathery words for that boy. He beileves intelligence should be exhibited and stupidity should be educated. If it can't be -and judging by what's happening in this little circle of undesirables, it doesn't seem that it can- george thinks (like me and Zorba) that they ought to have a stick poked in bothe their eyes... or words to that effect!

    Keep it up you two, you and a very few others (I haven't forgotten FG) are the salve I take every now and before I get into some serious soul cutting work!
    Love youse!
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