to nowhere man re: avn

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    Hi nowhere man,

    I am loathe to say it for the reson that i might put the "kiss of death" on this stock but.............after buying into CYD and poking around a bit.......

    I AM EXCITED over this company and it's potential
    after cross-checking a few ann. i found that Mr Liddell has class with a capital C stamped all over him.

    Ex Aquarius platium,,,, presently involved in the CYD country diamonds, very interesting proposed gold show in china.
    Also some interesting company he keeps too.....Warrick Grigor in the mix also....

    Grigor is a director @ FAR one of the junior oilers in the J/V to supply gas if the AVN (Kimberly power) get the green light.......and why would'nt the local show get the contract ????

    Now, with my holding in FAR,AVN,CYD all these are in the same good hands !!!!!!!!

    Noticed FAR has climbed out of the twenties today and survived the tax loss sell-down period, I HOPE. I have half a million reasons why i want it to stay in the green...LOL

    Withave half a million reasons why i want it to keep climbing
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