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    Time to take a break fellas. COMEX is closed untill Friday morning, Japan will be in light trade and London will also be closed.
    Take the opportunity to reflect that after 20+ years of turbulous manipulative activities in the gold market it now feels better than ever to hold bullion.
    Some may argue that gold will fall because of gold's war premium. But we know, this time it is different, and that is why we hold and happy to hold, the sceptics will eventually enter the market at above $450/oz when they finally realise the greenback will be translated into the goldback and inflation is going to spiral out of control. The sceptics will eventually enter the market at that point in time.
    I hold five speculative gold stocks and have no intention of selling, I also hold 2 comex contracts worth approx $75k of 99.9% bullion that expire in Feb and have no intention of selling them any time soon either. I'm loaded with gold yipeee.
    If you are attending parties over the festive season, spread the good word on gold and gold bullion coins and god will forgive all your sins. :::)))

    Merry Christmas and see y'all next year :::)))
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