to g-d fearing christians and jews alike

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    There is no dearth of opinions with regard to "Jewish settlers" and "Jewish
    settlements" in the Holy Land.

    We hear that even "moderate" Arab rulers, like Mubarak of Egypt and King
    Hussein of Jordan, think that there can be no peace until all Jewish
    settlements are removed from "occupied" Arab land.

    We keep getting not so subtle hints from Saudi Arabia, the very country who
    sent the United States fifteen of the nineteen suicide bombers who
    perpetrated the September 11 terrorist attack. 25% of the world's oil
    supply is in their hands, and they made it clear to the United States that
    they will not continue to supply us unless we dance to their music. For a
    starter, the Jewish settlements have to be demolished, and all Jewish
    settlers have to be evacuated from Palestinian land. (The term Palestinian
    land, of course, is part of the Big Lie. Judea, Samaria and Gaza were never
    part of any political entity other than the Jewish State.)

    Also, powerful financial interests like Mobil Oil, the Gulf Oil Corporation,
    Shell, British Petroleum, Texaco Oil, etc., are vying with each other to
    support the Arab viewpoint.

    And of course, Iran and Iraq openly proclaim their goal to annihilate the
    Jewish State of Israel.

    Even President George W. Bush, who is viewed as one of Israel's greatest
    friends, has
    crossed a dangerous red line by declaring his support for a Palestinian
    state. There is a very powerful and frightening lineup of forces against
    Israel. What do all these very powerful people have in common? They all
    that Jewish settlements in the Holy Land are an obstacle to peace.

    Don't we have any powerful friends whatsoever? Let's open our Tenach
    (Bible) to BaMidbar (Numbers), chapter 33:50-53, and 55. These scriptures
    make it very clear that we do have a powerful friend. The G-d of the Bible is
    on Israel's side.

    "HASHEM spoke to Moses in the plains of Moab, by the Jordan, at Jericho.
    Saying: Speak to the children of Israel and say to them: when you cross the
    Jordan to the land of Canaan you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the
    land before you; and you shall destroy all their prostration stones; and all
    their molten images shall you destroy and all their high places shall you
    demolish. You shall possess the land and you shall settle it. For to you
    have I given the land to possess it.

    But, if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land before you, those
    of them who you leave shall be pins in your eyes and thorns in your sides,
    and they will harass you upon the land in which you dwell."

    No doubt about G-d's intentions here. Bible believing Jews and Christians
    know that the word of HASHEM is eternal and that G-d does not change His mind.

    Jews will soon celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah which commemorates the
    victory of the Maccabees, not only against the Greeks, but also their
    victory against the Jewish enemy, the Jewish Hellenists in their midst. The
    Jewish Hellenists were disloyal to their fellow Jews, and sought a pragmatic
    accommodation with the powers of that time, because they had completely
    abandoned their religious beliefs. How history repeats itself! We have a very
    dangerous situation in Israel today, where the Oslo-ites, Foreign Minister
    Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ben Eliezer, are willing to betray their
    fellow Jews. They are today's Hellenists. The Bible believing Jews, who are
    trying to resettle the Land, are the modern Maccabees.

    Last week, the modern Hellenists scored a great "victory". Defense Minister
    Ben Eliezer sent 1,700 soldiers, on the Jewish Sabbath, to evict a handful
    of Jewish settlers from their legally owned land, the Gilad Farm. Moshe Zar
    had bought this land several years ago and he has the legal papers to prove
    his ownership. When his son Gilad was murdered by Arab terrorists, Moshe Zar
    decided to build a Jewish farm on his legally owned land. He named the farm
    Havat Gilad in memory of his son.

    Why is Ben Eliezer so anxious to evacuate Jews from their land? A public
    opinion poll conducted by the Voice of Israel shows that over 70% of Israeli
    citizens believe that Ben Eliezer's desire to uproot outposts is based, not
    on security considerations, but on bolstering his political standing within the
    Labor Party before the upcoming primaries.

    Seventeen hundred soldiers to evacuate a handful of settlers and their
    supporters who came to stand with them? Regarding the legal issues, IDF
    Chief of Staff Lt.-General Moshe Ya'alon said recently: "The overwhelming
    majority of the existing outposts have been approved by the government
    echelons." The important question is, if Mr. Ben Eliezer is really concerned
    about the rule of law, why doesn't he start with the massive illegal Arab
    construction in Yesha, in Jerusalem, and inside the green line?

    Last Monday, there was a brutal terror attack on bus 841 in the Galilee.
    Fourteen people were burned to death and sixty-five were seriously injured.
    The bus was a blazing inferno as people tried to jump out of the windows.
    The victims could only be identified by their DNA. Now comes the shocking
    and scandalous aftermath. As reported in yesterday's Jerusalem Post, Ben
    Eliezer and his associates tried to blame the Gilad Farm settlers for the
    bus attack. I am quoting from this article:

    "The settlers at the Gilad Farm illegal outpost are in part to blame for the
    terrorist attack because they 'wasted the IDF's time,' officials close to
    Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer charged Monday.

    'If the soldiers are not busy removing outposts, they can be used to defend
    the country,' one official said."

    For shame! I think this is the height of evil! I think this is proof
    positive that Ben Eliezer is a true Hellenist, who does not have the
    interests of his Jewish brethren at heart. First, he shows the Arabs that
    the Israeli government rewards Arab terror by removing Jewish settlers from
    their land. Then, he blames the Jewish victims for his own irresponsible,
    incompetent and self-serving behavior, while serving as Israel's Minister of

    What Ben Eliezer thought was in his own political interest was to see Jewish
    settlers and Jewish soldiers fight each other. As the television footage
    showed, there were some soldiers who Ben Eliezer was able to enlist to act
    in a very brutal manner. But Chief of Staff Lt.-General Ya'alon said that
    this operation was traumatic for many of his soldiers. I have a sad feeling
    of deja vu about this affair. I remember very clearly how Nadia Matar, myself,
    and other Women in Green, together with the people of Efrat, were brutally
    dragged down from the hill of Dagan in 1995 under orders from the Rabin-Peres

    The hill of Dagan legally belonged to the Municipality of Efrat, but Yitzhak
    Rabin did not want to upset his so-called peace partners by letting the
    Efrat people build on their own land! Yes, there were some sadistic soldiers
    in that evacuation too. But I will never forget the young women soldiers who
    were ordered to pull us down from the Dagan hill, with tears streaming down
    their faces and begging us for forgiveness.

    Today, seven years later, Jews have built their homes on the hill of Dagan.
    Also from this hill, you can now hear the voices of Jewish children at play. We
    hope and pray that in a few years Jewish families will be able to settle
    Gilad Farm and call it their home.

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