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    Dave, you've met me, have you? And you've discovered that I'm gay, have you? I have no objections whatsover with people having sexual habits different to mine but I'm not gay. So far, all you've been able to see in my posts the fact that I concur with certain: political, philosophical and moral views of some people. And had I been gay or muslim or christian or jewish (remember them?) I would not like these things to be used against me. I suggest, what this forum ought to be about is conversation, not lible. You realise, of course, that if you had met me and that you knew my name and you publised your nonsense with my name attached, I would have a much grimmer view of what you're doing. Grim enough to call in the law.
    You've been at this (homo this and homo that and anti-american this and anti-west that) that you're becoming exceedingly boring. Get off this stage and change your dance routine. Try a straight role for a change! You might just improve your prospects of getting some - and you know what I mean by that... attention!
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