To coal, or not to coal - Michael McLaren and Professor Ian Plimer

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    To coal, or not to coal: that is the question

    The increasingly precariousnature of Australia’selectricity grid & our energy security is deteriorating because ourpolitician’s obsession with decarbonisation.

    Surelyit’s been correlation rather than coincidence that as we forced more and morerenewable into the grid, the price has gone through the roof while that sameenergy has simultaneously has become less available and less reliable.

    Thisis hurting industry by sending workers into energy poverty, removing money fromthe economy which would otherwise be spent on clothes, food or renovations.

    BarnabyJoyce has called for a cease-fire in tirade against coal but has been howleddown by his own side.

    Michaelis joined by Professor Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences atthe University of Melbourne & author of ‘The Climate Change Delusion andThe Great Electricity Rip-Off’ who explains that unless we have coal, wedo not have electricity for cooking, for heating, for cooling, for trains orfor lighting…

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