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    I don't know why you ask me to post the VTI announcement, but here it is. I am going by certain remarks you made last week as to WHY VTI did not get the contracts in Romania. The Public Relations inherent in this announcement seems to be at quite distinctive odds to what you were infering.

    Up to now it was only the management of VTI that was a concern. Now it seems also the product, according to what you wrote, is also in doubt as to what it was able to do in Romania.

    I do not hold VTI shares or options.


    HOMEX - Brisbane

    Virotec International Ltd ("Virotec"), an environmental remediation
    company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed
    its trials on the treatment of the process water at the Aurul SA*
    gold mine in Baia Mare, Romania. The objective of these trials was to
    reduce the concentrations of cyanide and copper in the process water
    to environmentally safe levels in a more efficient manner before
    discharge to the tailings dam.

    A summary of the results achieved is as follows:

    Treatment of decant water

    Copper (mg/L) 72.4 3.54
    Total cyanide (mg/L) 76.6 3.55

    Treatment of liquid separated from
    the process slurry
    Copper (mg/L) 82.7 1.73
    Total cyanide (mg/L) 552 3.97

    Treatment of process slurry
    Copper (mg/L) 82.7 27.5
    Total cyanide (mg/L) 552 45.9

    Virotec's non-executive director and scientific adviser, Professor
    McConchie, concluded:

    "The findings of these trials show that total cyanide concentrations
    in decant water and in the liquid phase of process slurries from
    which the solids have been separated can be reduced to less than 5
    mg/L. Most of the remaining cyanide is unreactive strong acid
    dissociable cyanide. However, treatment to these low concentrations
    will not be necessary to protect birds and other animals that may
    come into contact with water in the tailings dam or to comply with
    the new standards for tailings dams specified in the International
    Cyanide Management Code developed by the United Nations Environment
    Programme and the International Council on Metals and the Environment
    (September 2001). The new standards require that the average
    concentration of free-cyanide plus weak acid dissociable cyanide be
    maintained at or below 50 mg/L.

    The findings of these trials also show that it is possible to treat
    the slurry without separating the liquid from the solids as
    previously performed on water treatment projects. We consider this
    work as a first phase of a programme designed to optimise the
    combined reduction of cyanide and soluble metals deposited into a
    tailings dam in an active mining situation."

    Virotec has recommended partial separation of the solid and liquid
    phases so that the cyanide rich liquid can be reused, thereby
    reducing overall cyanide requirements and achieving cost savings.
    This would reduce the requirement for water to be discharged from the
    tailings dam but if a discharge was necessary then the same treatment
    procedures can be extended to treat the water to the necessary
    discharge standards.


    Trials on the use of the Bauxsol(TM) technology on the remediation
    of historic dump sites and decommissioned mine tailings dams in the
    Baia Mare area have also commenced and these trials will be monitored
    over the next 12 months.

    Similar trials undertaken at Mt Carrington in Australia have
    demonstrated the effectiveness of the Bauxsol(TM) technology as a
    soil enhancement which neutralises soil, waste rock and tailings
    acidity. It also binds soluble and exchangeable aluminium in acid
    soil profiles which which have been shown to limit the establishment
    and continuation of sustainable plant growth. Bauxsol treated waste
    rock and tailings from mine sites has proved to be an excellent plant
    growth medium for both trees and grasses.

    As this phase of the trials have been successfully completed, Virotec
    will now focus on expanding its role in this region in Europe.

    * Aurul SA is 50% owned by the Romanian Government via a controlled
    entity, Remin SA, and 50% owned by Esmeralda Exploration Limited, an
    Australian company listed on ASX.

    For further information regarding Virotec, go to www.virotec.com.

    Press Enquiries:

    Virotec International Ltd Tel: 617 5530 8014

    Melissa Toomey, SPIN Business Solutions Tel: 617 3251 8111

    David Youngman, W H Ireland Ltd Tel: 0161 832 6644

    Shane Dolan/James Benjanim, Biddicks Tel: 020 7448 1000
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