to benefit from budget

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    ABK who is continue to acquire Phosphate Resources,will recieve substancial benefit from new Govt initatives....

    details of a Costello Interview are......

    "COSTELLO: Well, as I also said last year, if we go into a second financial
    year we'll have to fund that separately, which we will. We'll also be
    stepping up measures in relation to domestic security. And also we will be
    continuing into next year and beyond a strong border protection policy. In
    fact, what I'm going to lay down on Tuesday night is a five year plan to
    upgrade Australia's border protection facilities, including some new
    measures, some quite expensive measures, which will lay down a build up for
    a period of five years.

    Now, a lot of people said, Laurie, that this policy wouldn't work, and I
    think the evidence is that it's beginning to work. But we have to make sure
    that we have a proper investment.

    REPORTER: You talk about new facilities, new spending. I notice that the
    Navy's now using survey ships on these patrols. Are they going to get new
    ships for this purpose?

    COSTELLO: Well, one of the things that we'll be doing is that we'll be
    building a new facility on Christmas Island, which will be a very expensive
    facility which will enable the handling of unauthorised arrivals on
    Christmas Island. It will also give us the opportunity to wind down some of
    the other facilities which are currently coping with large numbers. But it's
    going to be a very large investment. And it's an investment I think that
    will pay off and I think the public, when they see it, will support.
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