to beer; re snooker's view of ramadan is?

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    That's the greatest myth BEER! That Religion teaches peace and tollerance. Religion is like any other product, this sold by the priests, the immams, rabbis and all the bible bashers in the world. In effect they say, "buy MY product because it's the BEST!" and "DON'T buy his product it's the WORST!" So the first says to the other, get out of territory, or even more commonly, they get up on a pulpit or a stairwell or a forum such as this one and tell their congreggation how "our religion which is the BEST, is been attacked by that scum over there who want to BRAINWASH you (how dare they, my children?) and tell you that OUR religion is the worst!"
    Get it BEER?
    One product versus another, very similar to MACs are far better than IBMs or Manchester Un. is far better than The Turkis team or Fords have FOUR wheels whereas Holdens ONLY got four wheels!

    My religion says "be tollerant" nevermind the bit that says you must never help a gentile! My religion is great because it says our God is our saviour, nevermind the bit that says if your neighbour pokes you in one eye then you must poke him in the eye too!

    Sounds familiar? At least the ancient Greeks called it by the right name and caused no wars because of it: Mythologyyyyyyy, my aley friend, Mythologyyyyy!

    I still see the vomit poured out of some women even (why shouldn't they be just as stupid and vicious?) Killllll Alllll Muuuuuuslims!
    How do you do that darling? Dig a great big hole and bury them? "Mass Graves" are a poo poo word these days and something like 4billion people, plus a whole lot of their sympathisers and the whole better be big!

    So, BEER, what do you think Snooker's view of the (spit, spit,) Ramadan is? If I were a muslim, what would I think of any of the Jewish religious events?
    ONE guess for each, now!
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