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    To arthurd
    How are you feeling about MAY after todays trading ? Call warrants starting to show some gains.
    MAYWAD up 30% 1.3c $5.50 strike
    MAYWGG up 23.5% 2.1c $5.25 " "

    They have high strikes and are definatly out of the money at the moment, but they do not exercise until 29/08/02. What are your medium term thoughts with MAY and the call warrants?

    After selling myself short on AMPWGF I will not make the same mistake again I hope. I think there may be some good gains to be made with MAY.( my opinion only )

    I know you have been watching MAY carefully and I would appreciate your input.

    The chart is starting to look a lot healthier since the MACD crossed over and I wonder how long it will take before a decent recovery is made in price, for me I hope it's before 29/08/02 as I hold the above stocks mentioned !!!

    I watched a Rene Rivkin stock promotional paid presentation recently from which was filmed back in Nov 01, in which he mentioned MAY and how he promoted it as a buy when the stock fell to $2.90. He said the stock was worth $6.00 if they were to break the company up. Well we have not seen that level as yet, lots of big buyers out there would you not agree arthurd ?

    I look foreward to your reply.

    Regards Grandeur.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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