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    Just noticed this post from Friday, and its fragrance reminded me of Calrisians "SPIRIT" of post. Alpha, considering that U are aware that I hold RMG, what say ye? Further, Calrisian and Bonkers had a field day over the weekend it seems (virtually hijacking the forum), but as soon as I made my first post for the weekend tonight (sunday) about the market, Calrisian dissapears and Alpha surfaces? What say ye? I hope Alpha that U are not and have never been Calrisian for the past several months.


    Q. Alpha, are U and have U ever been Calrisian or one of his other nick names?

    I do understand that a no or yes on a forum means nothing at all, as I have noticed with calrisian. For example when I asked Calrisian on friday is he holds STP, he took a while to answer then he said yes, but only 10 minutes before, was heavily downramping STP suggesting its retacement below 30 cents? Very strange might I suggest.

    What I don't understand Alpha is why Calrisian has not been banned from this forum considering how much effort he has put in to discredit me and defame me on pretty much every forum. I once spoke to PAt hammond (on his mobile), who at the time appeared to be at the casino (I could hear the coins), he replied to the effect that Calrisian had a right to post. Strange reply from Pat I thought. I posted on the old hotcopper to ask Calrisian if he was sending me pornography over the past few months, my posts to calrisian were declined, but Calrisian was allow to post freely? NB, I still get pornography to my email.

    Subject Going down, down, deeper and down ( 41 reads - 0 replies )
    Posted 03/05/02 13:51
    Member AlphaCenturian

    As posted yesterday. Down another 10% and lots more where that came from......big volume exits taking place...the rats are fleeing, don't miss the boat.
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