to all the us/israel knockers re terorrirsm

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    Slowly, you foolish poeople who continue to say that terrorism is a reaction to US policy and Israel's continued fight for life will have the truth brought home to you.

    Now the evidence is the UN bombing was not due to that but rather.....


    The UN 's role in the liberation of East Timor!!

    Still think Australia is in the firing line because of its alliance with the US?? Then you are deluded!

    Wake up - its them vs us scenario.

    De Mello targeted because of East Timor: Jalal Talabani

    The World Today - Thursday, 21 August , 2003 12:14:19
    Reporter: Catherine McGrath
    HAMISH ROBERTSON: A leading member of the new Iraqi Governing Council, Jalal Talabani, who is currently visiting Australia, believes that terrorists from outside Iraq specifically targeted the UN official, Sergio Vieira de Mello, because of his role in East Timor.

    The Kurdish leader is in Australia for talks with the Federal Government and to encourage business investment in Iraq.

    Labor's Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Kevin Rudd, has cancelled a planned visit to Iraq after the Federal Government expressed concerns for his safety. Mr Rudd was due to visit Baghdad next week, to meet representatives including the United Nations top official in the Iraqi capital, Mr de Mello, who was killed in this week's bomb blast. Mr Rudd says that the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, has asked him to defer the trip.

    Mr. Talabani's told our Chief Political Correspondent, Catherine McGrath, that extremists hated Sergio de Mello because he led the United Nations force that took East Timor away from Indonesia and towards independence.
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