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To ALL HOLDERS - And those interested.

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    I have looked through all recent ann's made by the company. I have followed this company since they listed. I have read through everything i could find on the company.

    I can find NO reason for the recent drop. Everything is going well. Including the progress of the projects and other matters such as funding, cash etc.

    I think there is a constant seller who is offloading shares. But i see this as the bottom. That is the 70 - 75 cent mark.

    As someone else mentioned on the forum the real action will come in 6-8 weeks on these. But i think now is the time to buy.

    As i said i can see no real negatives surrounding the company at the moment.

    IMHO this stock has hit it's lows. I beleive the 70-75 cent mark is a good time to accumulate. Progress IS being made, and that's a fact. The company has cash in the bank. And has just receved a 20 million dollar equity arrangment with a US fund. Norwood Abbey can draw on this at it's own discretion.

    So i would appreciate any comments people have on this one. But the above comments are my feelings, opinions on the stock.


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