tny- still green alert to 8c

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    I wrote some while ago about tny and the business outlook. From my analysis back then I was pretty confident of the business even before the deal was settled with Ericcson. Now in the last few weeks the deal has been sealed and now owned by tny taking away a lot of uncertainties about whether tny actually meant what they say. Prior to the deal being settled I analysed the fundamentals to be very good and tny being smaller should be able to extract value from the business that Ericsson was not able to. The revenue is there already and with tny expertise will be able to improve it. What was of a concern then was that tny was not able to complete the deal- now we know that that has been done and uncertainties tken away.

    The amrket I believw ill now react to this and with the current improved market tny should trend very soon back to the 5c level and on to green alert target. It has retraced substantially below 2.5c and now looking like it is on an uptrend. Todays and yesterdays tradings are indicating that it will do a run fairly soon reacting to the finalisation of Ericsson business. i still see the fundamentals from the Ercisson business providing positive cashflows to tny in the coming months. Tny now has a real business to work on and currently this is not being reflected in the price.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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