tny- green alert to 8c

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    Tny seems to have stabilised today, after its run last week and then losing its breath and retreated to the mid 4.5c today. The run last week promted me to research tny closely. The data services business bought from Ericsson looks good. The indication is that the turnover is in the vicinity of $100m, although there was exact numbers given of the bottomline. The indication is that the busines is profitable and tny considers that the potential has not been fully squeezed and expanded to the rest of the world.

    Tny has gone through a lot of restructuring, and now with its lean and mean management should be able to turn th ebusiness around and with good revenue from the NZ business turn that into profits. In terms of the industry broadband is still expanding so certyainly the right industry to be in.

    Tny is serious with the NZ business to the extent that it is getting rid of its SOX business and concentrating the new acquisition. So I think tny is serious about it and intends to make it successful.

    In terms of trading ranges, on the earlier announcement it went up significantly with good volumes and of late it came back until last week when it had a run up to 6c. It seems to be at its lowest at the moment but it seems that people are picking them up and securing a position for a run back to its original high.

    At this stage looking at the potential and the commitment by management a green alert of 8 c for tny is fair.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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