tny - anyone holding ?

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    Anyone holding TNY? Late announcement today, could there be some life in this dog yet?

    Tennyson Strengthens Sales/Distribution Channels
    14-05 1943


    Tennyson Networks (ASX: TNY) today announced that its new sales and
    distribution model had already increased the pipeline and flow of
    orders as well as achieved higher margins for the Smart Office
    eXchange (SOX) products sold.

    These positive results follow the announcement early this year that
    Tennyson intended to supplement its existing reseller network with an
    increased direct sales force and alliances with organizations that
    could provide access to their customers.

    Tennyson chairman Harvey Parker said: "Until this year Tennyson's
    main route to market was distribution of SOX through a network of
    Australia-wide resellers - Tennyson Channel Partners (TCP's).
    Although providing consistent sales, the size and access to market of
    these TCPs would not be sufficient to satisfy Tennyson's growth plans
    for SOX. By expanding our sales and distribution capability through
    direct sales and alliance partners we are now starting to see more
    promising results."

    Tennyson has now formed five new relationships with the following

    * Commsoft Group Ltd - a developer of communication software products
    which Tennyson distributes as part of its product offering, and which
    provides access to its customer base.

    * VSA Group - a Sydney-based business consultancy/brokerage
    organisation with sales agents operating on the east coast. VSA
    facilitates services provision to business in the areas of
    telecommunications, finance, insurance and information technology and
    is offering the SOX solution to its client base.

    * IT Wholesale - a division of the listed Cellnet Telecommunications
    Group, a leading distributor of telecommunications and IT products.
    ITW will be establishing a sales channel for SOX within its existing
    IT customer base.

    * Easy IT - a division of the listed Powerlan group, which provides
    outsourced IT managed services and products to the SME market. EasyIT
    will be marketing SOX as "EasyVoice" to Powerlan's existing customer
    base and its own sales channel.

    * AWA Technology Services - AWA will provide coverage in all
    Australian cities and regional areas for nation-wide installation and
    support for Tennyson's products.

    Tennyson also advises it is in advanced negotiations with major
    leading Australian telecommunications, call centre system and IT
    servicing and outsourcing companies.


    Tennyson wishes to clarify the interpretation of a report to the ASX
    last week in which ING Australia Ltd lodged a Form 605 change in
    substantial shareholder notice in relation to Tennyson shares. This
    notice has been misinterpreted by some market watchers as suggesting
    that ING had sold down its holding in Tennyson recently.

    Tennyson has been advised by ING that there has been no other change
    in its Tennyson position since December last year.

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