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    I'm surprised that you find it difficult to understand; you were one of the few people looking at the situation realistically and your posts have been some of the best here, describing everything extremely well.

    The price has been consistently falling for about six months but it has been falling since around the start of this year, almost 12 months now. There was a low around April-June but the highs have been steadily decreasing since the first half of January.

    The way I'm seeing it, the quarterly in July only briefly caused a spike in price and it wasn't that high (in line with an overall decline since January) because some considered it to be a flash in the pan revenue, and others saw that the market would see it as a flash in the pan revenue once the next quarter or two set in. I'm more or less in the latter camp, but I think most of the people who have been bullish all along and remain confused at this point simply don't see that the market can get the price wrong because the people involved in the market see things incorrectly. They think that if they can see the fundamentals correctly, they are smarter than the market, so their price prediction or valuation is better, so their share price prediction is appropriate, which of course makes no sense, but that mentality seems necessary to have remained bullish through this inevitable crash in price. People who realise it generally won't be holding now so they are less likely to be watching, and those who are watching won't want to talk about it because unlike me, most people hate being abused and will just figure it's easier to stay quiet.

    You surprise me when you say you find it difficult to understand though because you've maintained a realistic view of the situation the whole way through.

    @SunkDestroyer: Mainly to continue interacting with you <3 <3 <3 xxoo
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