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tmo shares for raci

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    raci said
    "OK, so I bought the program a while ago - and haven't made any money really, if the cost of the program is taken into it - bought TMO shares (at the peak, of course) so I wouldn't have to pay the $43 per month download fees, and now seem to be left with a white elephant. The company itself says things are going well (well, they would, wouldn't they) and they are getting more overseas sales. But that doesn't do me much good at the moment, cos I'm only hanging on to them (and losing oodles of money) because I save 500pa in fees. How dumb is that?! But now have lost too much to get out. So what does an astute investor (as opposed to a novice gambler) do now???? Any ideas?"

    Andrew said;
    you have not lost too much to get out.You have lost money- there is a difference. Say you invested $5000 and now its worth $2,500. You can hold on and wait and see if it goes up or down, or you can sell now and take the money. Its your choice and there is no magic answer, whether you be a newbie or an old hand.I think the shares will always be drifting back towards the .20c mark, unless the company shows a suprise profit increase.
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