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    If you want to buy a Telco TLS is my pick.

    When to buy who knows but with a yield if you take tax paid into consideration of about 30 cents and considerable retained earning it looks quite safe in the sector.

    I could be wrong but I don’t see further investment in this sector too many investors have been burnt.
    Investment in competitors will be non existent if they can’t make a go on the money given to date they will disappear or be bought out in time.

    So in my mind TLS is in a strong position.
    Sure profits did not grow by 10% but considering the current state of world business a strong result at a difficult time.

    When you consider the retained earnings, the money raised and fixed assets sold to free up capital along with the current climate. I would have thought TLS is in a good position to pick quality assets and businesses at excellent prices.

    But I may be bias because I bought back in today and who knows what decisions management will make.
    If you have just a touch of optimism in your blood I think TLS is the pick in the sector.

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