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tls demos 21mbps next g - export oppt for ntc

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    Telstra demos 21Mbps on Next G
    Friday, 07 November 2008

    Telstra this week gave the first demonstration of enhanced HSPA on its Next G network using a modem developed by Sierra Wireless capable of a maximum downstream speed of 21Mbps. Telstra is promising commercial services early in 2009.

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    "According to Malcolm Thom, Sierra Wireless' country manager for Australia, Telstra's leadership in HSPA rollout is creating export opportunities for local companies. NetComm, in partnership with Sierra Wireless has developed a 3G WiFi router gateway for Telstra and has already announced trials and distribution agreements in a number of other countries."

    Thom said "I deal with a lot of small developers and the fact they have the Telstra network gives them a great head start. It gives them a six to 12 month lead on the rest of the world in taking that experience to the rest of the market. NetComm is just one of many such companies. Next G is a great proving ground for some of these companies."

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