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Its definitely not the booze since I only had water with a lime...

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    Its definitely not the booze since I only had water with a lime in it and feel the same. I never knew CatDog is a thing. LOL thats funny. And no, not aware of this stuff in Germany.

    BTW, I summoned the cat user as expected. However, your user name seems only be addressable when adding a , behind the name. Like @cat dog, see? But not when you leave the special sign out, like so: @cat dog where there is no character behind the dog. But maybe other characters work as well, like @cat dog? Or @cat dog! @cat dog ohhh.. I see.. there is some sort of script that is activated when waiting long enough after typing an @. I did type too fast to notice it before.

    I am very sorry for the spam @cat. Its really important to find out how the forum SW works. I know I am a nerd, you dont need to tell me Ill buy you a drink when you come to Berlin for compensation, promise.
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