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    Poor old TIR. Perhaps in the boom times just past, its share price would be right up there. These days however, a few good drill intersections do not a resource make... While I am optimistic that TIR will define a nickel orebody of economic size (say at least 4 to 5 years worth of mining), this takes time.

    The problem with TIR is that, at the moment, they are neither fish or fowl. Huntley recently wrote a few paragraphs on them and treated them souly as a techo company with a new mining technique that would take a long time to gain market acceptance even though we TIR followers know that the process of evaluation is complete and that TIR are doing deals in China etc. Huntley may well be correct, and, until Ni is actually being produced in China using BioHeap and money flows, the market and other potential users of the method will remain unconvinced.

    On the other hand, TIR is not a miner either. At least not yet. Huntley didn't even mention the latest drilling at Widgiemooltha and at Carr Boyd.

    So bottom line is that even though the company is currently trading at around its cash asset value and there is nothing in the share price for all the other goodies I've mentioned, until the market place sees evidence of the next reliable income stream, I suspect TIR will languish.

    Be patient...I hold

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Currently unlisted public company.

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