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    Finally, it's come down to this. Lets kick start the M-Cup week, with each poster nominating their 'Trifecta'!! Please feel free to add on y'r tips. Only 1 entry per poster, please.

    AustinNZ by the power vested in me by the State of affairs at Artemis & on behalf of all MEO posters, u r hereby nominated unanimously (& unopposed, I hope), as the judge (or match-referee, take y'r pick or both) for the frozen chook-raffle (which could go missing in the post, so no hard-feelings, to the winner/s)!!

    My trifecta-tips first, b4 I give the right arm its due work-out cometh the hour, ;)


    PS: CVX is the wall-street code for Chevron, pls do not use CVN as y'r code, it denotes for Carnarvon Petroleum, drilling in Thailand!! Happy tipping all.
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