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    : LookingConfident Aug 18 2003 10:23:20:780AM
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    Not so long ago an analyst firm in the US 'Bagged' Overure and said that they had a vauluation of 'only' $6.00 !!! - They 'worked' the possibility of 'losing' MSN beautifully! - OVER shares went down to around the $11.00 mark and (at the time) a very well respected poster here, declared them a 'buy' and he did back up his declaration. Well, you wouldn't believe it, OVER were 'bought' back up to around $23.00 before the YAHOO buyout of them.

    Deja Vue?? - Ya neva know? - Institutional involevement with LOK has grown from less that 5% to a 'now' over 32% odd. On friday in the US, it has been stated (& well documented) that in spite of the 20% so called 'dump' of LOOK, the BUY side outweighed the SELL side by some 23% .... 'Sheep' being manipulated once again?? Who knows?? As smuggler always says ... SELL if you have to!!

    But I (personally) do suspect we are very close to a 'buy out' announcement or, a renewal of the MSN contract. Oh, that's after LOOK is bought back up to the $4.00 level, at least! Just MHO of course.
    Cheers (YUM!!)

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