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tiof-6 goes to plan as hardman's new ceo draws nea, page-2

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    hi xmagx

    good link - and an interesting resource!

    A funny week - 2 good and easy rallies in SP - then some slog in between - and profit taking. Tiof-6 I cannot see as in any way other than a largely expected result from an appraisal well inside a well documented field. I respect zzedzz for what (s)he achieved - but based on past experience it would have been either before or no later than next Tuesday. The added comment of Dr John Doran about net to gross actually added nothing to those who are familar with previous results for this field. I would score it as non week as far as news is concerned - but its good to see that there is support for Hardman when the market thinks there is good news.

    Some profit taking today, - but limited by a rise in poo.

    Given both drill ships are working on Chinguetta for some time - there will be no news on Tuesdays - and the only announcements expected in the next 2-3 weeks are new MD and funding - we could be in for a volatile 4 weeks ahead. Good for trading.
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