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timor government-tassie shoals compromise, page-5

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    Hi Needle -

    Your enthusiasm regarding the potential Sunrise pipeline is understandable -

    - Wouldn't it look good for a big energy company ( which simply can't be green from definition....) to embrace a " Co2 Carbon friendly...emissions responsible......environmentally sustainable solution " .....such as the long awaited TS solution in the current political environment especially considering the challenges facing these high Co2 fields - stranded as they are!

    Logical thinking sees an obvious outcome.....

    -I believe the Europeans ( eg ENI ) are a step ahead...... as they always are in terms of enviro friendly politics....

    ENI are prepared to spend big in NTP/68 - for an obvious dollar/commercial advantage in the region. Why?

    - If, and it is indeed a big if, Woodside were to view TS as a possible offloading point for their gas from Sunrise then this would not only catapault the SP from Meo into the stratosphere but would finally allow me to stop buying dodgy cleanskins and belatedly allow me to negotiate with the winery direct on a possible B-Double deal!
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