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timor government-tassie shoals compromise, page-2

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    Hi Needle -

    when I read the headline yesterday morning -" New Dawn for Timor Gas " - I have to confess that there was indeed some reaction of " YES !" and " About time..."- not yet to be...

    So let us all reflect on "unprecedented interest" and the simple fact that the distance to TS is less and the water depth is a whole different from Sunrise it would make sense to use the TS Solution and simply avoid the engineering problem of crossing a 2.5 km drop in the ocean in piping gas to Timor-Leste.

    But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves.....first prove Heron.... which ENI seem intent to do....

    But from whatever way one looks at it the TS Solution is undoubtedly gaining momentum.....

    By the way did I say - " Unprecedented interest " ?
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