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times square--the best real estate in the world

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    Consider what it takes to get the Prime Advertizers lined up for the four prospective Lumacom Panels.

    One could have a combination of Advertizers lining up, someone wants 1 panel; someone else 2, three or 4.

    Then we have the advertizer who wants to do a combo deal: one or more sites there as well as one or more sites somewhere else.

    The LUM and Totius venture is faced with a vast number of negotiations; the financial viability of these applicants needs to be checked out as well.

    Then of course they would have the Advertizers to hire a screen for as long as posible.

    And, there are no preceding rates to go by; the advertizing rates on other structures would be lower.

    So, the market (LUM and Totius) decides, they hold all the aces as they have an exclusive licence to this real estate.

    They are in the prime box seat and it is just a matter of "how high the bid"?

    But they will look at the flow-on business as a consequence of an advertizer securing a sign as well.

    So, if it takes somewhat longer to get these contracts fixed up, that wouldn't worry me.

    Companies are bound to pay a lot for a sign which can be seen from so far away. There will be also be some additional advertizing as well, seeing these signs with their names on it in magazines without having to pay for the publicity.


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