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timeramper - how's your cmq short going?, page-4

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    Freakme I feel sorry for you, when will you pick a winning trade, it is easy to bag someone like me that has proven to be right so many times, but forget about the real loser, that being you, Short CMQ at $5, Short VCR at $1.80, Short HDR at $2.12, and the current trade long RRS at 4.6 cents rofl, and guess what Freakme has done the complete opposite to me, you must be burning big time, you never had any credibility anyhow, but now we can all see this for real, you loser.

    Freakme don't forget to post all your contract notes, so then all HC will see what a loser of a trader you have been, oh that is right you only paper trade, using monopoly money rofl
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