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time to vent... dyor people

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    lol, I love how every time when things start to get closer to anticipated dates in so many stocks, we see all the worms who haven't posted on the stock before, rarely ever hold the stock, crawl out of the woodwork, panic amongst each other, try and spread that panic around, and start discussing what is old hat news for so many people who have long moved onto another discussion,... The answer to many new threads and questions can be found if they just did some damn research in the first place.

    Or perhaps they are asking with some more "mysterious" motive... i mean if you could re-open old discussions and convince people 3m never wanted anything to do with OBJ, then you'd get them pretty cheap... then again if holders were convinced of that, all these idiotic, uneducated gamblers who trade without research and have no idea what OBJ is, does, has or could be, would be bailing pretty hard as soon as the first dump occurred.

    Seriously, its so suspicious and frustrating when you see people ask basic vague questions answered long ago in the past. Why do i see a thread on what some dude, who just read some small article on OBJ whilst on a cheap old barge in the middle of foreign harbor, thinks about the stock and is apparently the freaking expert, cause yeah i mean.. old dude.. barge.. harbour... thats a winning combination there!!! wheres my wallet???!!!!sign me up baby!!!... Then there is the questions of who the underwriter is - despite being known for some time...oh and being a company you could research, hold on - why you can do that when you can just ask the old guy on the barge again!!!dude wheres my wallet again?... or perhaps we could think the 3m possibility is dead cause of a few quiet days at a traditionally very quiet time, still 4 weeks from any potential announcement,.. and you know 3m and every company anywhere ever is bailing baby cause this one time, at band camp, i heard some guys girlfriend thinks they heard someone else down the street who knows a guy and he said sooooo..... so yeah... everyone bail in a hurry... just before you do i place a buy order again? just let me do that first ok...

    Here is an idea people, do some damn research.. all your questions can be answered by looking into things yourself... I don't post much cause i can find the answers to 99% my questions by researching before hand. If you freaking research things, then might make more sense and you don't end up like a foolish idiot or god damn up/down ramper... This place is great for alternate view points with damn smart people who are discussing known material and known facts, if you don't know anything about the stock, then research first before you post out of panic, fear or stupidity... its fine to ask here if you genuinely don't know, but posting crap just isn't funny... q's like "What do you think of OBJ?" when is there is 1000's of posts to read first - the complexity of the potential answer here deserves a DYOR weegi board to the head... either that or your going to do as your told by a ramper and get played...

    There is a ton of regular posters on here who post regardless of pending announcement or not.. They have good fair minded opinions and views on whats going on, sometimes you will like what they say, other times you wont... but they are fair minded and give you avenues of consideration, and let you discover more questions you need to research... read their posts and do your own research to see if you believe its valid and make a decision...

    I hold OBJ, have done for a long time... but I'm not a die hard fanatic that wont bail if i believed it to be dying... i know the risks, i know the potential downside, how? cause i have done a lot of research and come to a conclusion that i wish to hold the stock, what you do is your choice, DYOR and decide. My conclusion was based on what i have found out for myself by my own research and not what some Dodgy brothers HC player suggested.

    DYOR people, post away with fair logical and reasonable opinions based on facts or published material...that's great to read for everyone, even if its not what you want to hear its still all good... but don't post based on hearsay, mal-conjecture, or what you saw on the back of a mars bar wrapper.

    Ok end rant...... Lets see how long this stays up before being "moderated" :P
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