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time to stock take and make a chit load ......

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    Alls cool guys
    I expect a flurry of info coming our way soon on MHL Jon is back in the country next week and head office sure seems set to make March a sunrise month for the company if all the plans that management are working on fall into place we are in for a nice road forward as holders of MHL as a collective .......Its hard some times to average down on a company but when you see the potential MHL has in the energy sector it sure is hard not to hey the freeze is over in Kyrg and spring is in the air i hear a beautiful 9 deg c today lol

    All this talk about deals falling over and chit to me is a non understading of how companys tick like all things in life stuff takes time and throw in a few international lawyers and things will take a lot longer the billable Hr factor good on em i say sure given me a chance to Av down my posi in MHL and rationilise my portfolio to a 2008 standard OIL and gold and some Rusty Iorn is my call ATM ............i can see some nice gains coming our way in MHL with the list as follows this is a news stream to behold IMO and a Mcap of 14million LOL :) get em why they last my call

    JV signing

    Asian oil deals firmly on the tabel

    Leopard reporting U308 progress

    Gravity surveys

    Acquisiton of further oil and gas leases in non central Asia (SE Asia).

    MEDINA/Sentry's APT's in Queensland need a local team to head them IMO MHL why not

    Leopards U308 work program is ready to go they just need to pull there finger out

    Siesmic/survey updates with target/potential size of oil targets

    Oil Drilling progress and updates

    GB buys the Sydney Harbour Bridge from MHL profits and abolishs all tolls :)

    All this in the news stream for 2008 plus more im sure any one care to add to the list

    Enjoy the days of buying in the 2,s crew because somehow i think they are numberd now

    Hold em tight GB :)$$$$$$$$$$
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